Rep. Paul Cook Votes to Enforce the Law and Keep Communities Safe



By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Today, Rep. Paul Cook (R- Apple Valley) voted for HR 3009, the Enforce the Law for Sanctuary Cities Act. This bill cuts off specific federal grants for sanctuary cities, states, and localities that defy federal immigration law.

Under current law, states and localities must not “prohibit or in any way restrict” their local government officials or employees from sending to or receiving Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) information regarding citizenship or immigration status of any individual. However, so-called sanctuary cities and other municipalities have passed either formal or informal policies which prohibit or restrict local law enforcement cooperation with federal immigration enforcement efforts. Under HR 3009 any state, city, or locality that defies this requirement are blocked from receiving around $769 million in Federal funds.

Cook said, “No matter how you feel about the larger immigration issue, it defies common sense that we’re releasing criminals who are here illegally back out on our streets rather than working with ICE. Cities need to follow the law and keep our families safe. This bill says that cities that violate federal laws shouldn’t receive federal funds.”

The measure was introduced by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Alpine) shortly after a 32-year-old woman was shot and killed at a San Francisco Pier. Her alleged killer was an illegal immigrant who had a criminal record of seven felonies and five deportations. Sanchez had been released prior to the shooting by the San Francisco police, despite the fact that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had issued a detainer request to hold him.

A member of the House Natural Resources, Armed Services, and Foreign Affairs Committees, Cook served as an infantry officer and retired after 26 years as a Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps. During his time in combat, he was awarded the Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts.

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