Stuck? Displace Complacency by Answering These Five Questions


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) — Thomas Edison once said, “We shall have no better conditions in the future if we are satisfied with all those which we have at present.” Too often, laziness can be disguised as satisfaction, and underneath satisfaction is complacency. After all, if nothing is wrong, why try to fix it? People find a satisfactory job with a mediocre salary, find themselves in an adequate marriage, and accept the fact that their creative talents might be average at best. In truth, too many people go through life being merely satisfied with the way things are, and never go to the lengths needed to transform their futures.

If people really want to make the most of their lives, they need to push past the point of complacency and start actively pursuing something more fulfilling. But change doesn’t happen overnight, and true change only comes after serious introspection. For those on the precipice of making a major life change, legendary financial analyst Harry Edelson, who is also the author of a new book called Positivity  recommends careful contemplation of the following questions:

  • What do I really want? Each person will likely have multiple answers to this question, but try to narrow it down to the things that make your heart race. Try to avoid listing material things, and rather focus on goals and achievements. Having things to strive for will be more satisfying than going out and purchasing something.  ‘
  • What’s the bright side in all of this? What are the outcomes of these goals? If and when you finally achieve the goals you set for yourself, where will you be? In what ways will your life be different? Having a tangible idea of what you’d like your life to be like at the end of it will help keep you on the right track.
  • Am I comfortable with what it will take to get me there? What are the specific steps you will take in achieving your goals? Do you have enough money and/or time to get there, and if you don’t, how will you adjust your lifestyle to make sure you do? If you get to this point and you realize your goals may not be feasible with your current resources, you might have to make some real changes to your plan.
  • What motivates me? What will keep you motivated on the way to achieving your goals? Some people need small benchmarks to keep them in check, while others need to see the carrot at the end of the stick.
  • What holds me back? Identifying what you don’t want is just as important as finding out what you do want. Determining what holds you back before you embark on your journey will help you avoid those things at the start. You should be proactive about eliminating obstacles before you begin.

“Taking the time to ask and answer these questions as seriously and as completely as possible is a great first step on the road to personal fulfillment,” says Harry Edelson. “Write down your answers and use them to plot a plan of action to improve your life.”

Are you ready to fight off complacency and take your life to the next level? With hard work, perseverance and a spark of imagination, you can make your future better than your present.

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