Voceshd.com Launches to Serve High Desert Latino Community


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By Miguel Gonzalez


For decades, the High Desert and its growing population has been developing a very important and influential demographic of Latino residents.

Like other demographics, Latinos are hard workers, they are parents, homeowners and professionals vested in the community and most share the same goal that other have for their children, to help them do better than they did in life.

But this demographic, which in some Victor Valley cities accounts for near 50% of the total population can sometimes feel a bit disconnected from the rest of the community because of the language barrier, that is why today I am proud to present Voceshd.com, La Voz Latina del High Desert.

When figuring out our target audience, we collected figures directly from the U.S. Census about this region that helped us put together a plan when were first conceiving the idea of Voceshd.com

We were impressed with the latest Census figures that confirmed there is a need for a Spanish Language publication and here are the most interesting figures we found:

Percentage of population of Latinos in the Victor Valley/High Desert per city/town and language other than English spoken at home, percent of persons age 5 years+:

City/Town      Latino Population        Language other than English spoke at home

Adelanto:         58.3%                              43.1%

Apple Valley   29.2%                              16.1%

Barstow           42.8%                               25.2%

Hesperia          48.9%                               32.3%

Victorville         47.8%                               37.4%

Based on these numbers, our target audience is one that is somewhat bilingual. They are native Spanish language speakers but have some knowledge of the English language and can even carry a conversation.

We are also targeting a younger audience, 18-50, that is familiar with using the web as a daily tool to receive and send information and communicate with others.

Most of those we are targeting are commuter readers who everyday travel on I-15 to their jobs in the Los Angeles basin area. A mobile site and e-mail blasts with breaking news has been designed to keep these readers informed.

The 73 million young adults currently 18 to 34 years old, often referred to as millennials, comprised the largest such population in the last three decades. Nonetheless, their share of the population is actually smaller today than in 1980, when the young adult population included the baby boomers born between1946 and 1964. The baby boom is distinguished by a dramatic increase in birth rates following World War II and comprises one of the largest generations in U.S. history.

  • The percentage of young adults today who are foreign born has more than doubled since 1980 (15 percent versus 6 percent).

Also, In 2012, 44 percent of the foreign-born population age 5 and older who arrived in the United States in 2000 or later reported high English-language speaking ability, according to a U.S. Census Bureau report .

This means they either reported speaking only English at home or reported speaking it “very well” whether or not they did so at home.

About 13 percent did not speak English at all. By comparison, 63 percent of immigrants who arrived prior to 1980 had high English-speaking ability in 2012, while only 6 percent did not speak English at all.

A new report, English-Speaking Ability of the Foreign-Born Population in the United States: 2012, uses statistics from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey to focus on the relationships between English-speaking ability and place of birth, level of education and years spent living in the United States.


Voceshd.com will put special emphasis in covering the areas and issues of Apple Valley, Adelanto, Barstow, Hesperia, Phelan, Victorville as well the other unincorporated areas of the High Desert.

With its inception, Voceshd.com will become the High Desert’s and Victor Valley’s only Spanish-language website covering local issues.

The site will feature news from cities, community groups, utilities providers, churches, recreational sports leagues, as well a feature stories that affect the Latino community.

As it did with its sister publication, Highdesertdaily.com when we first launched, these trends will continue to grow and become stronger.

I invite you to join us, Spanish speaker or not, on this new and exciting project to create news or advertise and help support the growth of a community looking to integrate to our great nation.


Miguel Gonzalez



(951) 206-6266

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