OpenGov Victorville



By Staff Reports

(Victorville) – Transparency in governance becomes more and more important every day. Good local governance includes financial accessibility to our residents. The City of Victorville is proud to announce an important new tool available immediately to the public – OpenGov, a financial transparency website which allows current up-to-date access to all of the city’s and associated agencies’ financial data.

A brief demonstration will be made at the City Council meeting tonight and the website is currently open for full access through the city web page or directly at Any member of the public can see current revenues and expenditures as well as a total of five years of data, including the current budget. Data will be updated monthly, providing immediate direct access to important financial information 24 hours a day, through a user-friendly web-based interface.

Upon seeing a preview of the OpenGov Victorville site, Mayor Gloria Garcia remarked, “It is important in this day and age to provide our citizens with this type of information. I am proud that Victorville is the first city in the region to offer this.” The website offers interactive information gathering capabilities and can filter information in or out based on user inputs so the public can quickly and easily get access to data which can be displayed in a variety of graphical chart formats.

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