Apple Valley Animal Shelter Celebrates 10th Annual Pet Fair with Attempt at Guiness World Record

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By Janice Eck

(Apple Valley)– So how do you celebrate your 10th anniversary? By doing something special and exciting, of course, and Apple Valley Animal Shelter (AVAS) certainly has that covered for the 10th Annual Paws and Claws Pet Fair. On Saturday, October 24th, pet owners from all over the High Desert are encouraged to join “The Largest Dog Obedience Lesson Ever Held.” Guinness World Records will be at the event to judge and let the participants know right then and there if the record has been broken.

The current world record is held by Spain with 391 participants. Although AVAS only needs 392 participants to break the world record, the shelter hopes to have 500 participants to keep from someone coming along right after and breaking their record. The shelter knows this is a long shot, but there is a more important message AVAS would like to get across through their hope of breaking this specific world record.

When asked why this particular event was chosen for the Pet Fair’s milestone, Gina Whiteside, Manager of Apple Valley Animal Shelter, explained to High Desert Daily, “One of the reasons we chose an obedience lesson is because we wanted to raise awareness that shelter dogs can become great family members if they had training and love. We just wanted to highlight that obedience matters and give all the dogs that come into our facility a chance at a permanent loving home.”

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So many dogs are surrendered to the shelter because of reasons such as, “I can’t get this dog to stop barking,” “This dog jumps on my kids and knocks them down,” “This dog finds a way out of my yard,” or the hundreds of other excuses the shelter has heard when someone drops their dog off. AVAS realizes training is a vital part of any dog’s personality and know they would have far less dogs in their facility if the dogs were properly trained.

Registration for the obedience lesson is free for a certain number of registrants because of generous donors sponsoring participants. If registering prior to the event, participants will receive an event bag and a raffle ticket. Those interested can call or go to the AVAS website. With over 200 registrations, there are still a few days left to help break the world record. On-site registration will also be available until 11:00 a.m. with proof of vaccinations and sterility. Ask about adopting at the pet fair to participate in the obedience lesson.

The Pet Fair will have its usual flair of vendors and food and will have live music as well. This is a pet friendly event where dogs on leashes are welcome and encouraged to engage in socializing.

For more information, visit or call (760) 240-7000 Ext 7555.

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