Career Expo Links Students with Local Manufacturers


By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– More than 600 students visited the “Made in the High Desert” exhibit hall Wednesday and had a chance to meet local with companies to learn about manufacturing careers in the High Desert.

The event was organized by San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors Vice Chairman Robert A. Lovingood to highlight local career paths in manufacturing and mining. An Apple Valley High School student fascinated by aeronautical opportunities said he was unaware of all the manufacturing that took place in the Victor Valley. The “Made in the High Desert” exhibit is part of High Desert Opportunity, the annual business showcase highlighting the benefits of doing business in the High Desert.

Where does cement or paint come from? Who builds the drones — the unmanned aerial aircraft that patrol the skies all over the world?  And who makes the machines … that make other machines?

In fact, all of these products are made right here in the Victor Valley, said Lovingood, who said he was encouraged by the students’ enthusiasm and eagerness to learn about career options.

“With 80 million workers set to retire in the coming decade, there are truly great opportunities for those who apply themselves and work hard,” Lovingood said. “As someone said, success is easy, all you have to do is work half a day, so pick which 12 hours you want to work each day and you’ll be a success.”

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