County Inmates Clean Up Desert


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By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Following an initiative by San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors Vice Chairman Robert A. Lovingood, San Bernardino County is expanding inmate work crews assigned to collect trash and clean up illegal dump sites in the High Desert.

Inmate crews cleared 25 parcels in the First District in August, collecting 17.8 tons of trash, plus 216 tires, Lovingood said. County-staffed crews collected an additional 6.9 tons, for a total of 24.8 tons of trash – in August alone.

“It has been one of my priorities to task more inmates to help clean up local communities,” Lovingood said. “It’s wonderful to see trash-strewn areas cleaned up. There is still a lot of trash to be collected, but we are making progress.”

Lovingood gave special thanks to San Bernardino County Code Enforcement Director Andy Wingert and Code Enforcement Supervisor Ignacio Nunez for their work on the on-going project.

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San Bernardino County Code Enforcement has a smart phone app that makes it easy to report illegal dumping, graffiti and other code enforcement issues in unincorporated areas. The app is available for the iPhone and Droid by searching “SB Code.”

Property owners are the primary victims of illegal dumping. The County spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to clean up illegal dumping and hazardous waste. The County also holds regular community clean-up and recycling events. Property owners are encouraged to take steps to prevent illegal dumping on their property. Signs, physical barriers and routine cleaning are proven deterrents.

Lovingood encouraged residents to get involved by reporting illegal dumping. For crimes in progress, call your local law enforcement agency. Gather as much information as possible. But use caution if you come into contact with an individual illegally dumping. For illegal dumping not in progress, contact your city code enforcement department or WeTip at (800) 78-CRIME. WeTip offers rewards of up to $1,000. Complaints in unincorporated areas may be made on the app, online at or by calling the countywide complaint hotline at (800) 722-3181.

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