Heritage Victor Valley Medical Joins Forces with the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation to Provide Support for Families in the High Desert

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By Staff Reports

(Victorville) – Juvenile diabetes or type 1 diabetes affects 1.2 million people each year with over 200,000 of those being children. With the statistics rising with the total affected by juvenile diabetes to reach 5 million by 2050 with 600,000 of those being children Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group has taken on the challenge and developed the first ever support group here in the High Desert. Juvenile diabetes or type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder where the patient’s pancreas stops producing insulin. Its onset has nothing to do with lifestyle or diet.

Although type 1 diabetes (juvenile diabetes) is a serious and difficult disease, treatment options are improving all the time, and people with type 1 diabetes can lead full and active lives. In league with the Juvenile Diabetic Foundation Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group has joined the fight to make sure this happens by providing once a month support group meetings. These meetings are designed to bring families together to help support children with Type 1 diabetes (juvenile diabetes).

“I had a patient who is 19 Type 1 and she had nowhere to go for support either the classes were designed for older adults or small children, and if you wanted to look for support most were down the hill. I reached out to the Juvenile Diabetic Foundation and it turns out they were looking for a place here in the High Desert to hold classes so it was a happy marriage. We have families up here who work and the last thing they want to do is drive 45 more minutes. The families are looking for other families to bounce ideas off of, and who understand what they are going through personally as well as kids in their age groups who they can talk to and mentor”. Regional Case Manager for Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group, Sherree Manning, L.V.N.

The next Juvenile Diabetes Support Meeting will be held October 28, 2015 at 7:00 pm at Heritage Victor Valley Medical group located at 12424 Hesperia Road in Victorville in Suite 34. For more information please call Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group at (760) 245-4747 or (800) 655-9999 or visit the website at www.hvvmg.com.

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