Parade Pre-Party Village in Apple Valley- Live Music & Art Show on Oct 16


By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley) – Fundraising concert and art show for The Village Artist Collective, a non-profit organization of artists and musicians will be held Friday, October 16, 7pm at Soundsmells Gallery in The Village. Two galleries will be open; one featuring the artwork of Tom Proulx, Alan Winkle and a live concert with independently produced/distributed Soul Pattern Project and another that will open after the concert concludes with inventions from local inventors.

Third Generation Taco will be on-site and you can bring your camp chairs and enjoy the evening indoors or out!

The Village Artist Collective is a non-profit organization that seeks to recognize and fulfill the unique and varied cultural interests and needs of The Village in Apple Valley, In just a matter of months since it’s organization, The Village Artist Collective has held workshops for youth and adult, partnered with business for commissioned artworks for public viewing, made the public aware of art viewing opportunities, starting a movement for establishing an art destination for an art economy all the while contributing to a healthier community through the healing power of art and music.

Three ways you can join us for the unique opportunity to support the arts:

  1. Go to the event and drop a donation into the hat then enjoy the shows.
  2. Purchase VIP tickets for this event by calling (760) 684-9093
  3. You can contribute on-line by making a donation at  Our Projects / The Village Artist Collective.

It will be night you’ll never forget! An M-vention Production. Soundsmells Gallery is located in The Village at 13631 Pawnee Rd #1 Apple Valley, CA

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