Board Addresses CEO’s Performance

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By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– The Board of Supervisors today directed County Chief Executive Officer Greg Devereaux to work with the County’s attorneys to draft by Dec. 15 a policy for the Board’s public consideration that would prevent a repeat of a recent incident in which the Board was unaware for several months that the County’s Director of Human Resources had been arrested for and pleaded guilty to agreeing to engage in prostitution.

Board of Supervisors Chairman James Ramos made it clear that the Board governs the County, takes its role seriously, and understands that it is accountable to the public for the County’s performance and for ensuring that problems are addressed appropriately and swiftly.

“This morning the Board of Supervisors met with the CEO and had a very frank discussion about the importance of informing the Board of situations that can have a long-lasting effect on the well-being of the County and the people that we represent,” Board of Supervisors Chairman James Ramos said.

“I am very disappointed by the actions that were committed by the Human Resources director,” Chairman Ramos added. “However, what is important here are the lessons that we take away from a situation like this one. The strength of any organization lies in the ability of its leaders to continue to work together in both favorable and adverse times.”

The Board met with Mr. Devereaux in closed session prior to today’s public Board meeting to express its concern about not being informed sooner about the Human Resource director’s arrest and conviction.

“I apologize to the Board, the County’s employees, and the people of the county for the way I handled this situation. I realize this placed the Board in a difficult position,” Mr. Devereaux said.

“We have made great progress in creating a stigma-free work environment, and it has been many years since our employees – who have won many state and national awards for their innovative approach to public service – have had to endure an incident that reflects poorly on the organization,” Mr. Devereaux added.

“The Board has directed me to work with County Counsel to review the County’s options regarding the Human Resources director,” Mr. Devereaux said.

“As the governing body of this County, the Board of Supervisors is held accountable to the people we represent, and as Chairman I can assure you that we are working together to bring some resolve to this situation so that we can continue to move forward,” Chairman Ramos said.

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