Board Addresses Illegal Dumping

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By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– The Board of Supervisors increased funding to help the illegal dumping program.  In San Bernardino County, illegal dumping is a crime, if convicted a person could lose their vehicle, serve jail time, and face fines.

“San Bernardino County is fighting illegal dumping,” said Supervisor Robert Lovingood. “We expanded inmate work crews collecting trash, the “SB Code” smart phone app makes it easy to report illegal dump sites and we invite citizens to call 911 if they see an illegal dumping in progress. This allocation is one more tool.”

The allocation of $500,000 in funds will go to Code Enforcement for cleanup of illegal dumping in the high and low desert areas. This grant will help reduce illegal dumping by funding events that allow citizens to bring waste tires to convenient locations for proper disposal.

In the last few months, community cleanups have been organized in various desert communities such as Oak Hills, Yucca Mesa, Johnson Valley, and Flamingo Heights. Trash bins and tire bins were accessible at each of these community locations.

“This allocation was a way for the Board to be more proactive to this issue,” said Chairman Ramos. “We need to get ahead of those doing the illegal dumping. Community cleanups are a good way for residents to get rid of waste in an easy and efficient way.”

To report illegal dumping in unincorporated areas, contact County of San Bernardino Code Enforcement at (909) 387-4044 or (800) 722-3181.

More information regarding this item can be found in the November 17th agenda at

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