Guest Column: Diet or Exercise: Stop Debating

Mangum11By HLF Fitness Director George Mangum

Heritage Victor Valley Medical Center

(Victor Valley)– We would all like to say we know what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and everywhere you look people are trying to answer that question. But let’s boil it down to what it’s really all about. To simplify, it basically comes down to diet and exercise. Right?

A lot of research has been done on diet vs. exercise, to find out the best way not only to lose the weight, but to keep it off. Biased parties like gym equipment companies or health food brands would have us believe their product is the answer to weight loss and a healthy body, but these are things that have been argued and continue to be argued, with little resolution.

Exercise tends to be counterproductive to health and wellness.

You gasp, as you should. We have been fed the lie that exercise is good for us, like slow jogs, treadmills, walking at lunch, and elliptical machines, yet, this cannot be further from the truth. Our body produces a “Jekyll and Hyde” hormone called cortisol. At the beginning of any exercise regimen, the cortisol is useful for calorie burning and stress relief, yet, as slower exercise continues, the body is stressed a different way and the cortisol now stores fat to protect itself. And, we know that excess storage of fat can lead to higher rates of obesity, heart problems, diabetes, and types of cancer. Exercise also gives us the false presumption that it is now okay to eat whatever we want, because endorphins have been released, we feel good about ourselves, and we continue the lie that we’ve done enough by walking the block at lunchtime. I would take diet over exercise any day.

Fitness inspires lifestyle changes.

The word FIT is an acronym I developed which means, Fitness before Intervention or Treatment. Fitness leads to overall health and wellness far more effectively than diet does. People who have a fitness-driven lifestyle are far more likely to change their eating habits, whereas those who primarily watch their diet are not as inspired to be fit. All the research says that fitness leads to greater longevity than simply dieting, and exercise leads to less. The absolute best way to take care of yourself is to utilize what is known as Metabolic Resistance Training, where intensified weight- training is the prime component of living longer and stronger. The professional publication of the American Heart Association, Circulation, boldly proclaims that higher fitness, not diet or exercise, reduces the risk of death. You’re going to need strength as you grow older, because it causes the body to release more HGH (Human Growth Hormone), the “Fountain of Youth,” and diet will not provide that for you. However, making fitness a priority in your life will give you far better odds of healthy living, and who doesn’t want that? BAM


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