Local Medical Group Declares War on Teen Obesity

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By Staff Reports

(Victorville)- In It To THIN It (IITTI) is a free fitness and nutrition program sponsored by Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group (HVVMG). Beginning three years ago, with help from the “It’s a Gas to Go to Class” program, IITTI has empowered hundreds of teens to transform from overweight to overcomers. Along with the free training and nutrition, participants learn skills that they can apply for a lifetime of fitness and health. Not only do students transform their physical appearance, they gain confidence and perform at higher levels in many areas of their lives.

San Bernardino County has been known for years as the unhealthiest county in the state of California, and HVVMG is trying to change that “one pound at a time” through its IITTI program. As students successfully achieve new fitness and health lifestyles, families become involved too, which improves the overall health status of the area.

Jenna Mendoza, girls’ team captain, from summer 2015 stated, “In It To THIN It is a life saver for kids. I know the benefits of being fit myself. Now, I am watching the program change them.”

Student participants register online at hvvmg.com, and begin workouts in November under the direction of IITTI Director George Mangum , M.A. and Dr. Gunjeet Ahluwalia, M.D., who oversees the nutrition component of the program and interacts with students regularly. IITTI students not only receive free fitness and nutrition training, but, by being in the program, they are eligible to win cash and prizes. For those students who begin in the month of November and attend at least 10 sessions each month until the end of March are eligible for a grand prize of $1,000 and a $500 scholarship from Victor Valley Community College (one boy, one girl). Each month, names are drawn for prizes for those who achieve their attendance and weight-loss benchmarks. This keeps the excitement up and keeps the kids coming. Lose weight and win prizes? It sounds like a great plan for all who attend. All sessions are held at HVVMG at 3:30pm (Monday-Thursday), beginning November 4, 2015.

To find out more about becoming a member of Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group, call (760) 245-4747 or 1-800-655-9999.

In It To THIN It (IITTI) is a youth empowerment program for Jr. High and Sr. High students 12 and over. In addition to providing free fitness and nutrition services, IITTI helps student participants make changes that will keep them fit and healthy throughout their entire lives, preparing them to take on any challenges the world presents by creating a new lifestyle discipline. IITTI is in its fourth year, and operates from November through March during school, and June through July during the summer. The theme adopted by Team IITTI is, “Declare War on Obesity,” which reflects this leadership team’s serious focus and decisive mission of eradicating teen obesity. Team IITTI operates on the idea of, “We need to reach them at 12, not rescue them at 21.”


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