The Yo-Yo Dieting Dilemma


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) — Not too long ago, a study by researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina reinforced the idea that dieting makes you fatter, particularly yo-yo dieting.

The researchers looked at overweight postmenopausal women who had lost an average of 12 percent of their initial starting weight.  When analyzing their change in body composition from the weight loss, it was found that 67 percent was fat loss and 33 percent was loss of lean body mass.

These results are worth examining before moving on.  Loss of lean body mass is the norm when following traditional weight loss advice.  Loss of lean body mass (LBM) will significantly reduce base metabolic rate because LBM burns more calories than fat.  Loss of LBM will also trigger survival mechanisms which will result in increased sensations of hunger.  This makes the dieter more prone to regain their lost weight even when eating less food.

The researchers also found that almost all the women in the study regained weight during the following 12 months.  Some women actually weighed more at the 12 month mark than they weighed before losing weight in the first place.

However, the most alarming insight was that when they rechecked body composition, they found that 81 percent of the weight regained was fat and only 19 percent was muscle.  In other words, significantly more fat was regained than lost muscle.

This observation is very important because in the end, their body composition was much worse than when they started.  They actually ended up fatter than when they started regardless of how much weight they gained back and their metabolism was also slower/lower.

“The loss of lean body mass is the number one problem with traditional dieting methods and is why they are doomed to failure and frustration in almost all cases.  Yo-yo dieting will result in a vicious cycle which leaves you fatter after each failed attempt.  It is critical that lean body mass be maintained or increased for lasting results and achieving optimal health,” according to  Tom Griesel, a long time health researcher and co-author of TurboCharged: Accelerate Your Fat Burning Metabolism, Get Lean Fast and Leave Diet and Exercise rules in the Dust.

Tom Griesel adds, “A small case study with the TurboCharged program was completed by 8 women and it provided the kind of results people should be looking for.  A total of 103.2 pounds was lost with an average reduction in total body weight of 6.9%.  However in this case, the total fat loss for the group was 8.8% of starting weight.  The average fat lost was 16.4 pounds with an average LBM gain of 3.5 pounds. These results were accomplished in just 6 weeks. Two of the women decreased their body fat by almost 30 pounds and increased their lean body mass by almost 10 pounds. Before and after pictures showed an amazing transformation not usually seen with a more typical 20 pound weight loss.”

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