Why a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Are Easier Said Than Done


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) – Lifestyle discipline, which includes diet, exercise, activity, sleep, and so forth, requires controlling impulses and emotions. When emotions rule our life, excess fat and poor health are usually the result.

This is why successful “dieters” follow a thoroughly tested strategy. They follow a program that has been proven effective for all kinds of people, including meat lovers, vegetarians and everyone in between.

As many novice and experienced “dieters” can tell you however, maintaining the discipline required to reach their goal is often easier said than done.

Usually the first problem arises when the results are not happening fast enough.  Possibly you had nice progress during the first week or two, but now your fat-loss seems to have stalled or worse, your weight is now increasing.

You were strong the first couple of days or weeks, following all the guidelines, but after this slowdown you are starting to second guess the program.

Just as the vast majority of “dieters” are driven by impatience and fear, many new “dieters” find it difficult to avoid succumbing to self-doubt and disappointment.

Losing excess fat is challenging in that we often are influenced by family, friends, poor information or the latest and greatest diet de jour.  There will be times when progress slows or appears to stop.  But an effective program will continue to work over time if you stick with the program.

Fat loss is never linear and slowdowns are a normal part of your learning curve with all successful strategies.  Small setbacks are acceptable.  Large ones are not.

There are many weight-loss programs that promise amazing results.  Some of the results are hard to believe.  Creating a perfect diet on paper is not difficult, but in reality the advice can be a disaster.  Remember that many programs are devised specifically to sell you “special” weight-loss products or supplements.  These marketers are like used car salesmen.  It sounds great while the salesman is touting its pluses, but watch out when you try to drive it home.

If you are constantly starting, stopping and/or trying out different programs, progress will be elusive and frustration levels will be high.  The time-tested program you quit is the one that could have helped you reach your goals if you could only focus on your ultimate goal and why you want to get there.

If you stick with an effective program you will see progress at least 80% of the time.  It’s the 20% in between that can be rough.  If you are sticking to the basics, progress will soon resume.

Discipline is the key.  It is vital to take whatever steps are necessary to maintain discipline and follow all the steps as directed without picking, choosing or modifying the instructions.

Fat loss and changing body composition can be unpredictable in short time frames.  When faced with an uncertainty, it is easy to see why many dieters may feel unsure and unsettled at times.

Successful dieters follow strategies that are designed to give results over extended periods of time because they trust the program.  Programs that are also designed to be flexible enough to follow over an extended period of time ensure you can maintain the fruits of your efforts.

However, no dieter can know with certainty how long it will take to reach their goal.  Some people thrive on the excitement of rapid results, but many others are happy with slow and steady progress.  You need to be committed to reaching your goal even if it takes longer than you expected.

“The best way to combat feelings of uncertainty is by following a proven plan. If you follow a good plan, it will provide the needed structure and ongoing support to overcome an unstructured reality. The more structure you have, the less uncertain and unproductive you’ll feel.  Your journey may seem at times like mass confusion, but you can conquer it by following a program that actually works with your body instead of against it. You will know what to do and when to do it and you can trust that you will reach your goal if you persist,” according to Tom Griesel, co-author of TurboCharged.

One’s mood and attitude are other factors that impact the ability to maintain discipline.  A positive, optimistic yet realistic attitude is vital to ensure success. Many people on the road to fat-loss and optimal health, struggle with maintaining a positive or at least neutral mood.   It takes practice.

Griesel adds, “Maintaining discipline is vital for fat-loss success. It can be extremely difficult at times, especially when things are not going as fast as you would like.  The best way to maintain your discipline and enthusiasm is to stick to the program and keep your emotions and impulses under control.”

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