Video Game Review: Star Wars Battlefront



By Nolan P. Smith

Staff Reporter

(Victor Valley)– When it was announced that the beloved Star Wars video game series, Battlefront, would be making a return, fans everywhere let out a collective sigh of relief. The shooter that took fans into a galaxy far, far away is widely considered the best Star Wars series to hit consoles. Now that it is here and fans have played countless hours, does the new game hit the target?

From EA/DICE, the new Battlefront has its ups and downs. First things first, let’s talk about the graphics. This game looks amazing- there’s just no getting around it. From the icy tundra of Hoth to the dense fauna of Endor, this game looks like you would hope a current generation Star Wars game to look. Getting to pick some variation of armor/clothing, it makes each player on the field unique, and each skin looks fantastic. For me, it’s the environments that take the visual crown: the attention to detail, like the taun taun skeletons inside the Hoth’s caves, really helps pull you into the Star Wars mythos.

Now, for the gameplay; Battlefront features a variety of modes, including supremacy, the 40 vs 40 multiplayer crown jewel of the game. Most modes divide the battle into two teams, and let players shoot it out. The game, which can be switched between first and third player viewpoints, is excellent at what it does. The game controls feel fluid and natural- fans of other modern day shooters will feel right at home with Battlefront’s controller scheme. Players can not only upgrade to more powerful weapons, but also cards, which allows for special abilities and weapons like thermal detonators, jump packs, and more. I really dig the addition of the cards system, but I do wish that the weapons had more of a variety, as well as upgradeable weapons.

One of the greatest moments in the game comes with the ability to play as a “hero” character, which one depending on what side you are playing as. Finding icon power ups can put players in control of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo for the light side, and Darth Vader, Boba Fett and the Emperor for the Dark Side. Playing as these characters comes randomly, but is well worth it. To fight for your side with lightsabers and force lightning is an amazing moment in gaming, and makes for some enjoyable battles.

But the force isn’t strong with every aspect of the game: my main gripe being the lack of a campaign mode. Yes, it was made known months before the release of the game, but I still wish there was campaign mode to tell the amazing story known as Star Wars. My other issue with this game is the reliability of the servers- I have played a few games where there is no sound, where the game turns glitch ridden and unplayable- it is extremely upsetting, as when this happens, there’s no offline modes to play, and leaves the player unable to enjoy the game they shelled out $60 for.

In the end, this is a game for Star Wars fans, which I am. The gameplay isn’t as rich or complex as other shooters, and that’s okay. Fans knew coming into this that they wanted a great Star Wars experience on their home consoles- and that’s exactly what they get. Does the game break new ground in the world of shooters? Of course not. But it delivers hours of entertainment as you take residence in the wondrous Star Wars galaxy. If you are a fan, then this game is for you, hands down. I have been playing Battlefront at every free moment I get- this is the game I was looking for. Almost.

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