Apple Valley Ranchos Invested $8 Million in Water System in 2015


By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)– Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company’s improvements in the water system in 2015 totaled more than $8 million, and $8 million more is planned for water infrastructure projects in 2016. The 2016 water infrastructure projects start this month.

“Much of the Ranchos system of pipes were installed in the 1950s and 1960s and need to be replaced to ensure the ongoing reliability of water service for our customers,” said Carol Thomas-Keefer, Ranchos’ Superintendent of Operations. “Water systems must be continually improved to ensure the integrity of the system and we are committed to the long-term reliability of this water system.”

Approximately $4.5 million of 2015’s water infrastructure investment was focused on replacement and upgrades to water pipes throughout Ranchos’ 50-square mile service area.

Sections replaced included portions of pipe along Nanticoke Road, Seneca Road and Rincon Road, as well as throughout the Desert Knolls area of Apple Valley. More than 6 miles of aging and leak-prone steel pipes were replaced with durable poly vinyl chloride (PVC) pipe for smaller pipes, and high-quality ductile iron pipe for larger transmission mains.

Ranchos’ water pipe replacement program identifies and prioritizes pipes based on significant leak history, and each year targets the highest priority areas for replacement. Water pipe upgrades enable Ranchos to move water more efficiently, reduce pumping costs, and improve fire protection capabilities.

“We are minimizing leaks and repairs, and moving water more efficiently, that helps lower our operating costs,” said Thomas-Keefer. “As we undertake projects, we routinely use local service providers for design, construction, and installation.”

Other 2015 investments included the installation of new fire hydrants for enhanced fire protection and drilling of a new 3,500-gallon per minute well on Apple Valley Road to provide additional capacity for the service area. The buildings and related equipment for the new well will be constructed in 2016 for a total project cost of $2.2 million.

In addition to completing the new well in 2016, several other main replacement projects are slated for 2106. These include the installation of about 3,500 feet of ductile iron pipe along Mandan Road, as well as the next phases of the Rincon Road project. The Rincon Road project involves the replacement of one mile of aging steel pipe with a 20” transmission line, and the installation of 2,700 feet of new 16” pipe along Kiowa Road north of Del Oro Road.


About Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company Apple Valley Ranchos Water Co. delivers reliable, quality water service to about 63,000 people, in the Town of Apple Valley and parts of San Bernardino County.

Ranchos Water is a subsidiary of Park Water Co., based in Los Angeles County, which provides contracted and regulated water utility services serving several communities in Los Angeles County. In addition to Ranchos Water, Park Water owns Mountain Water Co. serving Missoula, Montana Park Water and its subsidiaries provide safe, reliable drinking water service to approximately 300,000 people.

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