Lovingood: Agreement Will Help Economy, Jobs


By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Board of Supervisors Vice Chair Robert A. Lovingood said a new agreement between the County and the Bureau of Land Management will help boost jobs by reducing the federal mining permit delays that sometimes go on for years.

“The residents and economy of San Bernardino County benefit from the mining industry and the jobs and tax revenue it creates,” Lovingood said. “So by helping the BLM speed up the processing of mining permits, it helps us all.”

Under Lovingood’s initiative, the memorandum of understanding will provide for expedited permitting to allow mineral extraction activities that support road maintenance, new development, and other economically beneficial uses. Benefits include cost savings and reduced fuel consumption for public works projects and tax revenues from new development of local mineral resources.

Mines in the High Desert produce everything from gold, silver and iron ore to specialty clays. Local mines also produce sand, gravel and crushed stone used for making cement, concrete, asphalt and other building materials. One locally mined mineral, zeolite, is critical to nuclear waste cleanups and was used following the 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan.

Lovingood and County Mining and Engineering Geologist George Kenline will speak at the Jan. 19 Hesperia Chamber Luncheon. For tickets, please email alex@hesperiacc.com .



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