2016 VEEF Scholarship Applications Now Being Accepted


By Staff Reports

(Victorville) – In 2007, the Victor Elementary Educational Foundation (VEEF) was formed, their mission was to provide scholarships to Victor Elementary School District (VESD) graduates who attend Victor Valley College (VVC) or local trade schools.  Eight years later: Mission Accomplished.

Due to the generosity of employees from VESD and an initial grant from the LUZ Corporation, the Foundation has awarded 17 scholarships totaling over $60,000 since 2013. VEEF President Dwight Johnson, Account Executive at El Dorado Broadcasters, says he is proud to be a part of this charitable organization, “I joined the Foundation because the Victor Valley is my home and my children attended the Victor Elementary School District. It means a lot to me to be a part of an organization that helps our students grow and succeed! We are seeing it happening right before us as a few of them are now entering university.”

Hannah Clair was one of the first students to receive a VEEF scholarship.  In 2014, she completed her Associates Degree at Victor Valley College.  She currently attends Cal State San Bernardino, where she working toward her Liberal Arts Degree.  When she graduates, Hannah plans on becoming a kindergarten teacher.  Hannah said, “With the scholarship, I was able to just focus on my studies and not worry about how I was going to pay for my books or my tuition. This was an amazing opportunity.”

Julie Greene also received a VEEF scholarship and is currently preparing to enter the rigorous nursing program at VVC.  Julie said, “It was a blessing to know that all of the hard work during high school paid off.  It helped me realize that I didn’t have to get a job and that I was able to focus on school and I am really excited for this new journey.”  As Greene completes her prerequisites in difficult subjects like Chemistry and Human Anatomy, she says the scholarship has given her a new perspective on just how important the community is, “This was such a huge weight off my shoulders and I could not imagine not having this.  I am very grateful to all of the donors who supported my education. This was a huge pay it forward lesson for me!”

For eligibility requirements and applications for the 2016 VEEF scholarships, please visit www.vesd.net/veef.  The deadline to apply for consideration is February 19, 2016.

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