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(Victorville)—Operating from a temporary location while the main office undergoes improvements, the High Desert Association of REALTORS® (HDAOR) will again host two training sessions to encourage residents to establish Neighborhood Watch programs throughout the High Desert.

“Our Association made a commitment in January 2015 to do our part to help improve the safety of our neighborhoods, and we’re continuing to provide opportunities to help residents learn what they can do,” said Executive Officer Diane Smith.

“If there ever was a time for residents to take more responsibility for their personal safety and security it is now,” said Smith. Citing a recent article from online publication California Political Review ( Smith shared that “thanks to AB 109, over 50,000 vicious criminals were let out of prison before finishing their sentences. Plus, tens of thousands of other criminals never went to prison…Then we have Prop. 47 making felonies into minor crimes and minor crimes into nothing more than tickets.”

She went on to cite that according to the article, “we have the possibility that criminals will no longer have to post bail to get out of jail—they will be able to walk out of the police station and continue on their criminal ways as a result of lawsuits recently filed in Northern California that challenge the cash bail system and seek its elimination. The claim is that cash bail is unfair, as those accused of felonies but lacking financial means are unfairly kept in custody.”

Working in cooperation with Crime Prevention personnel from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, HDAOR will hold two free, one-hour training sessions at 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 17, 2016. Both sessions will be held at the Association’s temporary facilities at 14281 7th Street, Victorville, CA 92395. In addition to the Neighborhood Watch training, Sheriff’s personnel will also provide information about Hesperia’s new Crime Free Ordinance.

“We’re not talking about forming vigilante groups, we’re simply hoping to bring back the notion of neighbors helping neighbors and that won’t happen if you don’t know your neighbors,” Smith added.

High Desert Association of REALTORS® original charter was May 22, 1948. June 1, 2014 the Victor Valley and Barstow Association of REALTORS® merged forming the new High Desert Association of REALTORS®. Throughout its history, the High Desert Association of REALTORS® has always strived especially hard to support the needs of the High Desert communities it serves. The HDAR sponsors several fundraising events each year, with the money raised from these events contributed to scholarships and several local charity organizations.

For more information, or to schedule to attend a training session, contact the High Desert Association of Realtors at (760) 244-8841.

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