Six Ways to Improve Your Home Security Today


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) — A man’s home is his castle, but it shouldn’t have to be his fortress. Of course, home security is one of every homeowner’s top concerns. Are you doing enough to protect your home from unwanted intruders? These six tips, adapted from a Reader’s Digest article about home security, are simple, fast and effective ways to enhance your peace of mind:

  1. Keep jewelry and other valuables in your children’s sock drawer. A typical thief searches the nightstand and other master bedroom hiding spots, but won’t spend his time rifling through your child’s socks. Keeping jewelry there will keep it out of the thief’s reach.
  2. Make sure nobody can see your alarm keypad from the front step. This may seem ridiculous, but if a burglar can see that the alarm is off from a position outside the front entrance, he is much more likely to enter your home. Make sure your alarm keypad is out of easy sight.
  3. Using a mail slot weakens your front door. Because a mail slot disrupts the solid plane of wood, installing one can compromise the integrity of your front door and make it easier for a burglar to kick in. Opt for a mailbox or install the slot near the bottom of your door for maximum security.
  4. Have your car keys within an arm’s length while you sleep. If you wake up in the middle of the night and suspect there’s an intruder in your home, triggering your car alarm via the panic button can scare off a potential thief. Remember, home invaders do anything to avoid attracting attention. A blaring car horn will force them to leave.
  5. Make sure to plant rosebushes or other thorny plants beneath your first-story windows. Not only are roses beautiful but the thorns also prevent burglars from gaining easy access to ground floor windows.
  6. Before taking a trip, ask a neighbor to clear flyers and other advertisements off your door. Some thieves have been known to plant fake restaurant menus to test how long it takes residents to remove them. The longer they’re on the door, the less likely a resident is home.

All these tips are easy to implement but some homeowners want a little extra peace of mind. “Unfortunately, especially in target neighborhoods, a determined thief can bypass most commercially available security systems,” says Applied DNA Sciences president and CEO James A. Hayward, Ph.D. “We have developed technology that we believe could give homeowners the best chance of recovering their lost assets.”

Applied DNA Sciences, a Stony Brook, NY-based authentication and security company, has developed a novel home security system for tagging personal belongings. Its DNAnet®technology involves a marker based on plant DNA that can be used to tag household items and ensure they can be identified as stolen if and when recovered. The company also offers Sentry, an intruder tagging system that covers an offender in an indelible plant DNA-derived marker, linking him or her to the scene of a crime.

Whether it’s keeping your home from being broken into or getting back the things you had stolen, security is a hot-button issue. Ask yourself: are you doing enough to protect your home?

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