Adelanto Names Permanent City Manager


By Staff Reports

(Adelanto)—Six months after becoming the second Interim City Manager after Jim Hart’s departure, Cindy Herrera was named permanent City Manager by Adelanto City Council on March 9, 2016. Former City Manager Jim Hart was released February 25, 2015 and replaced on an interim basis by Tom Thornton, who was serving as the City’s Engineer. After six-weeks on in the position, Thornton resigned and replaced by Herrera, who was serving as City Clerk.

“Cindy has proven that her 29 years with the city and her tremendous background knowledge has prepared her to step into the position of City Manager,” said Mayor Rich Kerr. The Council voted unanimously to appoint Herrera, with Councilman Jermaine Wright absent.

“Cindy has sat through hundreds of City Council meetings listening to all the discussions, she’s prepared minutes of those meetings, and she’s been responsible for every legal document the city has to file,” said Kerr, “there’s no other staff member who has the institutional knowledge that she has.”

Despite not having City Manager experience, the City Council opted for her rapport with city staff and the need for continuity to give her the chance to serve as Interim City Manager. The nine month interim period gave her the chance to prove that she was up to the challenge.

“I was flattered that the Council chose me as interim and now permanent City Manager, but I wouldn’t be able to do the job without an immensely talented and devoted staff, said Herrera. Herrera has been with the City of Adelanto since 1987, starting as a Executive Assistant working for then City Manager Pat Chamberlaine.

A 29 year High Desert resident, Herrera is married with one child. She sees her biggest challenge as stabilizing the city’s finances to keep the city solvent. “There are a number of exciting and promising initiatives underway that should help to alleviate the financial strain the city has been under during the past several years,” said Herrera, a comment echoed by Mayor Kerr.

“This Council and city management team has been working diligently to cut expenses, spend frugally and find ways to generate additional revenues,” said Kerr.

Herrera, who, along with Nils Bentsen in Hesperia, becomes the second local City Manager hired without previous City Manager experience. “Cindy has proven that not only is she an effective leader, but a competent manager as well,” said Kerr.

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