Diabetes Risk

 RCurtis PortraitBy Rebekah Curtis

When I was a child a strange monster came into our home every day. I saw sharp needles my mother had to use to combat this monster every single day. At the age of 7, I worried about my mom and how she would be able to fight the monster. The monster’s name was Diabetes. As a grown up now and a nurse, I realize Diabetes is still a monster that affects many families just like it affected mine. Unfortunately, what we also know is that Diabetes affects some races more than others and Hispanics are at higher risk for getting this life-altering disease. The good news is knowledge is power and you CAN do something about it with the right tools and treatment. Take the risk assessment today and talk about the results with your doctor.

Rebekah Curtis is the Health Education nurse for Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group. She conducts regular training and classes and is also available for one-on-one consultations in a private setting for any other condition not provided by training or classes.

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