Healthy Eating

RCurtis PortraitBy Rebekah Curtis

Who doesn’t like to eat? My family gets together often for family birthdays and one of the main events is the food and just hanging out together. Every day we are faced with choices that impact our lives and also the lives of our families. We teach our kids and grandkids how to eat by what we give them and what they see us eating. Small changes lead up to big rewards over time if we stick to it. I often tell my class members, just pick one things like giving up soda or making sure you don’t eat more than two serving of red meat during a week. See if any of the suggestions in the following article are things you can add to your meal planning.

Rebekah Curtis is the Health Education nurse for Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group. She conducts regular training and classes and is also available for one-on-one consultations in a private setting for any other condition not provided by training or classes.

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