Microchip Miracle at VVAPL

Microchip Miracle at VVAPL

Microchip Miracle at VVAPL

By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)– Gina Munguia approached the kennel. The dog walked over, sniffed Munguia and immediately started wagging her tail. VVAPL Humane Society staff was ecstatic, and Munguia was visibly in shock and crying. It wasn’t because she found a dog to adopt. It’s because Stella, an English Bulldog, was going home after being taken over 4 years ago, all because she had a microchip.

VVAPL Humane Society is a strong proponent of microchipping, which is an easy and inexpensive form of pet identification. A study in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association found microchipped pets were returned to their owners more often than those without a chip – 22 percent of non-microchipped dogs returned versus 52 percent with chips and less than 2 percent of non-microchipped cats returned versus 38 percent with chips.

It’s estimated only 5 to 8 percent of pets have microchips, so VVAPL is encouraging pet parents to take action during March Microchip Madness. During the entire month, the humane society is microchipping pets for only $10, which includes implanting the chip and registration. Microchipping is done during regular business hours Tuesday – Saturday. No appointment necessary. There’s no charge to scan a pet to check for a microchip.

A word of caution. Microchips are only effective if the pet’s microchip is registered and the information stays up-to-date. A pet can’t be returned if the pet owner’s information is wrong. It’s also recommended to scan your pet once a year to make sure the microchip is working properly.

Thanks to microchipping her pets, Munguia was not only reunited with Stella, but in 2014, she was reunited with Bruno, a Bulldog taken with Stella in May 2011. Give your pet a chance at a fairy tail ending if they go missing by microchipping today.

VVAPL Humane Society is a nonprofit located at 21779 Zuni Road in Apple Valley. For information call 760/247-2102, visit www.vvapl.com to view animals, and like us on Facebook.

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