Cut the Cord – And Your Remote Control Collection


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) — This item can often be found in sofas, bathrooms, dresser drawers, fridges and cars, according to a report in the Daily Mail. Jerry Seinfeld has a famous bit about the differences between how men and women use it. It has been praised for giving people a sense of power, but it has also been blamed for causing nights full of arguments among husbands and wives, parents, kids and siblings.

No, we’re not talking about underwear, but something equally as sacred in millions of households– the television remote control.

But with the projected number of households paying for traditional TV/cable service estimated to drop below 100 million this year, according to eMarketer, and the rest consuming content through a variety of devices (i.e., “cord cutting”), is it time to bury the remote control in the sofa for good? Or, do more media devices mean more remotes, thereby dooming all of us to the highest divorce rate of all time?

Fortunately, household peace is in reach thanks to the BluMoo, the ultimate universal remote control that works with any mobile device. When the ReviewLoft team received this, we were thrilled, mostly because we had just turned our entire loft upside down looking for one of those missing remotes, while our coffee table remained stacked with a bunch of others.

Here’s how easy it is to set up a BluMoo:

  1. Plug in the receiver
  2. Download the app
  3. Add your devices to the app using their brand name (e.g., Apple, Samsung)

BluMoo has a remote database of more than 250,000 devices and updates monthly, so it can work with just about anything. And, who doesn’t have their smartphone or tablet on them at all times, even while watching TV or listening to music? As such, there’s always a remote within reach.

The best feature of BluMoo, in our opinion, is the ability to NOT have to point a remote directly at the device being controlled. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is one of those things, like flying first class, that can be thought of as an unnecessary luxury until it is actually experienced. So, when we sat down to “Netflix and Chill” while eating dinner, there was no need to awkwardly reach out every time we wanted to fast-forward, rewind, or search for something else. At ReviewLoft, we’d imagine for parents this is also convenient – shutting off or changing a channel from a different room (BluMoo can work up to 150 feet away) is certainly a perk!

Although we did not get to try BluMoo with Amazon Echo or Apple Watch, it does have capabilities to work with those devices. Overall, we were thrilled to say goodbye to our other AAA-powered remote controls for good, thanks to BluMoo.

BluMoo costs $99.99 for one; a family pack option is also available. It can be purchased directly through BluMoo and at Amazon, BestBuy, Sam’s Club, MicroGear and other retailers.

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