Rep. Cook Votes To Strengthen US Manufacturing


By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Rep. Paul Cook (R-Apple Valley) voted in favor of H.R. 4923, the American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act of 2016. This bill passed the House with overwhelming support.

H.R. 4923 considers manufacturing tax cuts through a fair and transparent process, while upholding a strong earmark ban. According to the National Association of Manufacturers, U.S. companies have been hit by a $748 million tax hike each year, undercutting their ability to compete and costing our economy $2 billion annually.  This bipartisan legislation will temporarily suspend and reduce tariffs on certain products necessary to manufacturing which will help American manufacturers reduce costs, create jobs, and compete in the global marketplace.

Cook said, “This legislation is necessary to help our struggling manufacturing industry. It’s important to our economy that we cut import duties on raw materials, especially when these goods aren’t available domestically. This common-sense legislation will make domestic manufacturers more competitive, grow the American economy, and create jobs.”

A member of the House Natural Resources, Armed Services, and Foreign Affairs Committees, Cook served as an infantry officer and retired after 26 years as a Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps. During his time in combat, he was awarded the Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts.

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