Finding Passion at Any Age


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) – Many people today feel they are they are already too old to pursue their true passion. This is definitely not a productive thought. No one is ever too old or too young to go where they really want to be. Surrendering to defeat will never allow what could have happened. If only one was open exploring some new territory in order to attain the hearts call.

Age isn’t a limiting factor when it comes to pursuing dreams. Doing so is actually very important because when mustering strength to move forward is really gone, one can look back at achievements with a real sense of fulfillment.

Going through life, there are many phases that have to be conquered before victory can be declared. Priorities change as we age which may be the reason why we don’t realize that our passion has been lost or changed. Life seems to get more complicated as we age and we to forget what we really wanted to achieve in the first place.

When young, we feel that we need to succeed no matter what. This is actually an ideal mindset. We feel we owe it to the people who helped raise us and to excel in whatever path we have chosen to walk. In order to succeed, some people choose to set aside their real passion and give in to the current opportunities that are being presented to them. They grab on to these opportunities thinking that after they have earned plenty of money and saved up enough that they will go back to what they really want and pursue their true passion.

Often people never find the time to look back. Once settled in the situation that they have chosen, they fear that they will lose everything if they let it go to pursue something that excites and energizes them and therefore are reluctant because they’re not sure what the outcome will be. As a result, they decide to stay in the place where they are, even though it lacks satisfaction. They feel like they are stuck with it. Doing something they don’t really like, they feel like life is dragging them down. They create their own form of prison where they stick with calculated moves so they know what to do whenever anything goes wrong.

Getting too comfortable with our current situation will likely enforce any fear to move away from it. Being driven by fear like potential lack of money or other resources enforces the status quo. We create a form of self-containment and restraint that holds us back from our true potential.

Avoiding regrets about unfinished business or neglecting true passions is worth the price of being uncomfortable during the transition. Ultimately at the end of life people want to know they gave it their best and didn’t hold back. Focusing on what really matters and following intuition is the path to fulfilled dreams.

Finding personal passion in life can still be achieved at any age. Identifying and really going for it by totally focusing heart and mind will lead to true satisfaction at any age.

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