5 Items to Pack in the Hospital Bag Just for Mom


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) – “Honey…it’s time!” When this phrase is uttered, the first thing all expecting parents reach for is the hospital bag that’s most likely been packed and ready to go for weeks. For many soon-to-be mothers, the hospital bag will include items such as smartphones or tablets, chargers, baby clothes, important documents, a toothbrush and clothes for the baby. While most of these items are useful post-labor, many hospital bags are missing items to help mothers during the actual delivery.

Here are five items to include in a hospital bag to help moms during labor:

  1. Warm socks or slippers. Before and after labor, women often walk the halls of the hospital. Physicians sometimes suggest walking around for women experiencing long or stalled labors. According to Fit Pregnancy, walking and changing positions while in labor can help labor progress.
  1. Creating a relaxing environment could help motivate and empower women during labor. Music is often used to set the mood and create a calming atmosphere for mothers in the delivery room. Psych Central found that listening to music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on the mind and body, especially slow, quiet classical music.
  1. Headband or ponytail holder. Some women like to have their hair securely tucked away from their face—headbands are the perfect solution. Nobody likes to have hair getting in the way during any sort of physical exertion and labor is no exception. Women may want to look for a soft, comfortable headband that will not irritate the scalp.
  1. Sugar-free hard candies or lozenges. During labor, women may experience dry mouth and need something to help keep it moist. It is a common practice for hospitals to offer women ice chips in this scenario but according to The Bump, sugar-free hard candies or lozenges can also do the trick.
  1. Labor and delivery gown. Most women don’t give the hospital gown a second thought—not even realizing there is an alternative. A gown specifically designed for women in labor, such as the original labor and delivery gown by Pretty Pushers, creates a stylish and functional option for women. Pretty Pushers has designed a gown that allows nurses easy access to attach monitors, IVs and epidurals; features a closed backside to maintain patients’ dignity while they walk around; and is made from a comfortable material. It doesn’t hurt that this gown comes in a wide variety of colors—from purples and pinks to blues and reds (or black and gray for moms who want to keep it classic)—unlike the traditional patient gown, which is more a one-size-fits-none bland option.

While there is still time to prepare, expecting mothers may want to reevaluate what is going into that hospital bag. It’s easy for mothers to focus on all of the items going into the bag to prepare for the baby’s arrival; however, it is also important for them to focus on themselves during the birthing process. Making sure items have been packed in the hospital bag that will help them during this process will make childbirth that much more comfortable for women. As this is one of the most important days in any woman’s life—she deserves to feel as beautiful, confident and empowered as possible, which may also lead to a healthy experience overall.

Many women have expressed their satisfaction with the Pretty Pushers labor and delivery gown, saying it made them feel like more than just another patient. More information about the potential benefits of a Pretty Pushers labor and delivery gown and where it can be purchased is available at prettypushers.com.

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