Adelanto Approves Contract for Grant Writing Service

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By Staff Reports

(Adelanto) —$1,199,433 for Lancaster School District, $3,328,643 for San Bernardino City Unified School District…just two of well over $170 million in State and Federal competitive grants that California Consulting’s team of 25 grant writers have secured for clients through 700 approved applications.

“It’s that kind of track record that helped us decide to use the services of California Consulting to seek grants on behalf of the City of Adelanto,” said Mayor Richard Kerr. The Adelanto Council approved a month-to-month agreement with California Consulting, LLC (hereafter referred to as California Consulting) at is June 22 Council meeting.

Adelanto becomes one of almost 80 clients that California Consulting has statewide, including San Bernardino County cities of Upland, Twentynine Palms and Ontario. The 80 clients represent public agencies, private companies and nonprofit organizations.

“Although we have cut expenses tax revenues are insufficient to cover all basic city services,” said City Manager Cindy Herrera. “Along with our stepped-up economic development efforts, we’re confident that with California Consulting’s expertise we will find resources to help strengthen our city services,” she added.

First order of business for California Consulting is to conduct a needs assessment to determine which grants Adelanto might qualify for from federal, state and private foundation sources.

Kerr stressed that the city won’t go on a “wild goose chase” applying for anything and everything, but will be very strategic in which grants to seek. “We have no doubt that there are probably many grants that our city can qualify for, but we want to be sure to match our needs with the best resources that California Consulting can identify,” said Kerr.

California Consulting will be paid a fee on a per grant basis, using a graduated scale where the fee will be based on the grant award. Awards up to $10,000 will net $1,000 for the firm, while grants over $250,000 could reap a fee between $8,000 and $12,000 depending on complexity of grant preparation for all grants exceeding $250,000.

“We have no doubt that utilizing the services of the State’s largest and most effective grant writing company that it is just a matter of time before the funds will begin to flow,” said Kerr. California Consulting has four offices statewide, the closest being in El Segundo.

For more information contact Mayor Rich Kerr at (760) 246-2300 or by email at: or City Manager Cindy Herrera at (760) 246-2300 or by email at:

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