Options For Youth Victor Valley Charter Renewed



By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley) – Options For Youth (OFY) Public Charter School’s charter through Victor Valley Union High School District (VVUHSD) will auto-renew on July 1st, 2016 after the expiration of its current charter in June.

Following a tie vote by the VVUHSD board of trustees during a public meeting on May 9th, 2016, OFY received word from the district’s attorneys that they would recognize the automatic renewal of the charter pursuant to California Ed Code section 476079(a)(1). As a result, OFY will continue to operate normally in the Victor Valley area, including the launch of its annual summer school program starting July 1st.

“We are pleased with the district’s decision to renew our charter. The district raised some concerns in their initial recommendation before the May vote. We have been working with the district to provide a response to their concerns and demonstrate our successes with our students. We appreciate the Superintendent’s willingness and openness toward resolving any perceived discrepancies and will continue to work closely with the district in addressing any further concerns,” says Jesus Franco, Assistant Superintendent for OFY. “A denial would have displaced over 800 students in the VVUHSD boundaries, many with special circumstances that require personalized support and flexible schedules. A displacement of these students would have been a potentially catastrophic occurrence for the community.”

Options For Youth has operated in Victor Valley since 1993 when it was granted its first charter by VVUHSD, marking it the first charter school in California, primarily serving at-risk students. Approximately 200 OFY supporters, including parents, students, and staff, attended the May 9th meeting to be recognized and give personal testimony of their experience at OFY and its contribution to the Victor Valley community.

“Students, parents, and staff have expressed nothing but relief since they heard the news. Many of our students wouldn’t graduate from high school or go on to college if it wasn’t for OFY. We’re thrilled to be able to continue providing OFY students the care and support they need to be successful in high school and beyond,” says Kathy Lento, OFY-VV Principal.

Options For Youth is a non-profit public charter school that serves students in grades 7-12 that have fallen behind or are seeking an alternative to the traditional school environment. More about OFY can be found at www.ofy.org.

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