Turning off the Television: The Book Children Want to Read!


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) Every parent’s favorite time of the day: No, not coming home to enjoy dinner after a long day’s work – we’re talking about the arduous meditation process, which occurs when bedtime rolls around. Whether it’s playful pushback or an entrenched youngster committed to staying up “just 10 more minutes,” turning off the television and calling it a night is never simple. And why should it be? Kids these days have a plethora of entertainment options. Who can blame them for wanting to finish their favorite on-demand television show?

What’s needed for a smooth transition is an alternative – a bargaining chip that makes turning in for the night less of an imposition on fun and more of a transition to a different, yet enjoyable, activity. At ReviewLoft, we have found the solution: Lady Lucy’s Quest – the book your child won’t lament reading, in place of watching something that exists behind a screen.

Before you stop reading – we understand that a book can be a difficult sell. We assure you that Lady Lucy is a character that both children and parents can fall in love with. Still fairly uncommon in children’s books, she is a strong lead female character that young boys and girls, alike, can look to for inspiration. The short story describes a young girl who dreams of becoming a knight of the round table. Lucy’s journey is one of perseverance and excitement. Her clever solutions, on the path to knighthood, emphasize the importance of creativity and friendship, making the enchanting bed-time story both fascinating and heartwarming.

Lady Lucy’s Quest was developed – and eloquently written – by former college president and Senior Policy Advisor at U.S. Department of Education, Karen Gross. Karen’s main character, Lucy, was influenced by the life of Lady Lucy Duff-Gordon, a survivor of The Titanic and a prominent fashion designer in the late 20th century. The qualities exemplified by Lady Lucy on her journey to knighthood are a reflection of Ms. Duff-Gordon’s qualities, which engendered her success in America’s fashion industry. As a testament to Karen’s commitment to empowering the next generation of Lucys, the book’s illustrations were created by two high school seniors from the Emma Willard School.

We get it: ReviewLoft  recognizes there are thousands of other children’s books to choose from and even more alternatives to reading. But, what better way is there to wind down after a long day than settling in with a short, amusing read? Lady Lucy’s Quest details the adventure of a young woman overcoming adversity; her story is rich with excitement and lessons, which we can all benefit from. The book provides children with a fun alternative, reminiscent of childhoods past; and parents with an opportunity to spend quality time with their kids, without the solitary silence bred by electronics. But, be careful: you may not be allowed to stop reading the Lady Lucy’s Quest, once you’ve started – children, after all, can be very demanding sometimes!

ReviewLoft received a complimentary copy of Lady Lucy’s Quest…and enjoyed reading it very much!

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