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By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) – Feeling nuts about honey? If not, maybe it’s just the wrong honey. Allow us at ReviewLoft to introduce you to Ms. Beehaven, whose Hot Springs Honey Roasted Peanutsand Peanut Brittle are literally guaranteed to make you fall crazy in love with these healthy, super-crunchy snacks. That’s right: the peanut brittle comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee.

But what’s not to love? This family-owned company was founded on the premise that good taste stems from natural ingredients. Over the course of 20 years, they’ve perfected a gluten-free, protein-rich recipe for peanut brittle that will have people closing their eyes in ecstasy with every mouth-watering bite. No artificial ingredients, no harmful preservatives—these peanuts are roasted with natural honey from bees that frequent the abundant apple and cherry orchards of Montana.

Ms. Beehaven’s family—fans can meet Geraldine, the company’s smiling matriarch, on their website, MsBeehavensBrittle.com—is committed not only to good taste, but also to old-fashioned good sense in choosing healthful snacks. While kids will love the sweetness in the brittle and the roasted nuts, adults will love the fact that these products contain 37 grams of protein per cup of peanuts; good to know, as studies have suggested that peanuts can actually lower the rate of heart disease.

Ms. Beehaven’s Hot Springs Honey Roasted Peanuts bear little resemblance to the pale, dry examples you see on store shelves these days. With every bite of a Ms. Beehaven nut, folks will taste the “good old days”—the days when grandma poured her heart and soul into homemade treats for her family.

With spring just around the corner, peoples’ thoughts might be turning to baseball. Why not take along some Hot Springs Honey Roasted Peanuts and Peanut Brittle to the game—they’re available on Amazon—and watch something magical happen: the guy in the next seat will ask if he can have a nut. After he eats one, he’ll smile and ask for more.   Then the person sitting next to him will ask for a nut, and pretty soon the whole row will be ooh-ing and ahh-ing. Before long, that whole bag of plump, delicious nuts will have magically disappeared as quickly as the ball that was hit out of the park by the star player.

So ReviewLoft has a suggestion: on the next trip to the stadium, bring more than just one bag of these superb snacks. Those who do just might find their honey sitting right there in the bleachers next to them—a honey who’ll be just as nuts about Ms. Beehaven’s products as ReviewLoft is.

ReviewLoft.com received and happily tasted four different Ms. Beehaven’s food products to review. No other compensation was received. 

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