It’s 2016: Time to Record Life Stories For the Ones You Love

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(DGIwire) – Should cinematic biographical masterpieces be reserved for movie stars, athletes and CEOs? Absolutely not, according to all of us at ReviewLoft. Everyone has a unique story that deserves to be shared…and thanks to Sterling Life Productions, now you don’t have to be a millionaire to have a story worth telling, and you don’t need a millionaire’s budget to produce broadcast-television-quality video biographies, or a written memoir fit for the New York Times Best-Seller List.

Imagine a team of professionals, who have worked for CBS, NBC, ABC, HBO, and A&E, who can bring your story to life and help you share it with those whom you care about most. This is exactly what Sterling Life Productions can do for you. Whether you’re looking create a tribute video to be shown at a special event, or a personal video memoir, Sterling Life Productions has an array of options, which are sure to meet your needs and surpass your expectations. The production quality is stellar.

The company’s video biography services are perfect for families looking to celebrate milestone birthdays, wedding anniversaries, retirement parties, or Bar Mitzvahs, for example – with a video to be shown at the event, or given privately as a gift. These are high-quality productions that can only be created by an experienced media team.

Are you still looking for a birthday gift to give that special someone who is almost impossible to buy for? What better way to show them how much you care than with a celebratory video? It’s one of the few gifts that are timeless and can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. Sterling Life Productions can record and edit one person telling their life story, adding meaningful photographs to enhance the video presentation. A tribute video project will videotape testimonials from 8-10 friends and family – providing the recipient with recounts of stories they may not have remembered, on a day they will never forget. Tribute videos are often given as surprise gifts.

For grandparents, Sterling Life Productions provides an opportunity for your legacy to carry on, in living color, for generations to come. Your children, their children, and their children’s children are sure to appreciate your life story. With Sterling’s assistance, your story can be told in a compelling, comprehensive manner, which is sure to be remembered. Future generations will have the opportunity to hear from you, in a feature that will remain timeless and entertaining.

After watching and reading several sample biographies, we can say with confidence that your biography will be as exciting as the memories you choose to record. At ReviewLoft, we have heard many accounts of Sterling Life’s incredible service, and now we know why. Before recording the people you love, we recommend considering one of Sterling Life Productions’ many options – you will not be disappointed.

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