Lovingood Calls on Frontier to Resolve Customer Complaints



By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors Vice Chair Robert A. Lovingood called on Frontier Communications to set up a customer service office in the First District to handle customer complaints following Frontier’s recent acquisition of Verizon phone, TV and Internet operations in California.

“We have seniors, one of our most vulnerable populations, who have not been able to have connectivity to life lines,” Lovingood told a Frontier executive during Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors hearing into Frontier’s service issues. “What we’re seeing today from our constituents is just a complete drop in the commitment of services.”

Lovingood, who called for the hearing, said his office had received over 100 phone calls from unhappy Frontier customers. During the hearing, Lovingood called on Frontier to establish a customer service office in the First District to handle customer issues.

Many residential and business customers have reported inconsistent service following Frontier Communications’ April 1 acquisition of most Verizon operations in California, Texas and Florida.

Cameron Christian, Frontier Communications’ West Region vice president of marketing, said the company takes customer complaints seriously and that the backlog of service issues has largely been cleared. He noted that Frontier is bringing more than 1,000 overseas customer service jobs to California. Frontier service reps were available to speak with customers at the board meeting.

“Within the First District, we have a high number of folks that have been disenfranchised – businesses that are being impacted, they can’t conduct their points of sales, and that’s a concern to us,” Lovingood said.

During the public comment portion of the hearing, a representative of a high-tech defense contractor said his company had been down six days without Internet service, seriously hampering operations and the ability to communicate with members of the military. The firm, he said, sent employees home to use their home Internet connections.

One residential customer cited widespread outages during the July 4 weekend and poor customer and billing service. And another said that Frontier billed $5,687 for installation of one jack at her home, a problem that has gone unresolved for three months. But on Tuesday, Frontier reps resolved the problem.

Customers may contact Frontier at letmelindaknow@ftr.com. Ongoing issues may also be sent to Supervisor Robert Lovingood, 12474 Cottonwood Ave., Suite A, Victorville, CA 92395 or via email to SupervisorLovingood@SBCounty.gov.


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