Outdated Resume? Clean It Up!


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) – Now that the closets have been cleaned out, the windows washed and the inboxes cleared, it’s time to tackle one more cleaning task: updating that resume. Whether or not it’s time to look for a new job, spring is a great time for everyone to review their resumes and whip them into shape.

Given that recruiters only spend about six seconds reviewing each resume before making the initial “fit/no fit” decision, according to a study by TheLadders.com, it is important to know where to start cleaning up a resume. Use these resume revival tips to breathe new life to the document this spring and throughout the year.

  • Keep it current. Don’t let that resume go too long without being updated. If neglected for too long, it could be challenging to remember all of the different assignments, new responsibilities, promotions, awards and skills gained since the last revision. In this job economy, layoffs and new opportunities can be unpredictable. Nobody wants to be caught off guard and ill prepared in the event either of these scenarios arises. Having an updated resume on hand will be crucial in landing a new job.
  • Rework the professional summary. This section of the resume is the place to really highlight any particular strengths—maybe even brag a little. Catch a hiring manager or recruiter’s eye right off the bat by using this section to describe the type of successful professional they would want to hire. Michele Mavi, director of content development, internal recruiting and training at Atrium Staffing, recommends using phrases like “exceptional marketing executive,” “award-winning creative producer” or “unparalleled sales executive who continuously exceeds quota expectations” in this section. These are powerful descriptive words that will concisely show a hiring manager or recruiter the applicant’s professional successes, strengths and areas of interest.
  • Revise the bullets. When revising, keep in mind that starting each bullet point with the phrase “Responsible for…” gets repetitive and does not add any color to the statement. Mavi instead recommends using active verbs at the start of each bullet point. “Words like initiated, created and managed create a clearer, more descriptive picture of the applicant’s strengths while showcasing their experience in a results-oriented framework,” Mavi says. The spring cleanup is also an opportune time to make sure all quantifiable successes are up-to-date. When a measurement can be attached to a specific task or accomplishment such as number of followers gained, profits made or donations collected, it creates a deeper impact.
  • Consult with a recruiter. For those struggling to revise a resume independently, reaching out to a third party may do the trick. In fact, the most useful set of eyes to review a resume may be a recruiter’s. They are well versed in what it takes for a resume to really make a positive impression. For more than 20 years, Atrium Staffing has reviewed resumes and polished them to perfection to help job seekers land jobs in fashion, finance, life sciences and other sectors. The Applicant-Centric™ philosophy is the backbone of Atrium Staffing where applicants are a top priority. This means that recruiters at Atrium Staffing are available to help job seekers at every step of the job search process, including a resume consultation to get it just right.

A resume is not meant to tell the whole story, but rather to pique someone’s interest and move the applicant to the next round of the process. “There’s a common misconception that hiring managers and recruiters are spending several minutes initially reviewing applicants’ resumes,” says Mavi. “The reality is they are spending much less time than that. So if job seekers want to advance to the next round, hiring managers and recruiters should be able to easily extract the important information from a cursory glance.”

When thinking about that cleaning to-do list, make a smart professional move and dust off that resume to give it new life this season.

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