Boulevard Construction Continues



By Staff Reports

(Big Bear)– No one enjoys the inconvenience of road work, especially on a busy street. However, residents and visitors to the Bear Valley should know: this small detour leads to a more efficient water system tomorrow. Beginning after the Independence Day holiday, the Big Bear Lake Department of Water (BBLDWP) joined several other agencies in completing construction along Big Bear Boulevard before the thoroughfare gets a facelift from CalTrans in 2017.

These days navigating the Boulevard may feel like flying a UFO into Roswell, New Mexico, an event that reportedly took place the same year the DWP’s riveted steel water main was installed along the local transportation corridor in 1947. The aging steel pipe will be replaced from the corner of Thrush, near Carl’s Jr. to just south of Catalina, near K-Mart. Work will occupy the eastbound #1 (far-left, “fast”) lane starting at Thrush, moving east toward K-Mart, with expected completion by mid-October. Work will last from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and lanes will be open on the weekends. At times lanes may be rerouted and east or westbound traffic may be diverted onto city streets. Related construction will take place on Georgia St., just south of the Boulevard, in the northbound lane between the Shell station and Big Bear Middle School.

The $1.5 million dollar project, replacing the aging and leak-prone pipeline with a 12” PVC line, was awarded to local contractor Bear Valley Paving. “It’s always a good feeling when we can utilize the service of local people and keep the money here at home,” stated BBLDWP General Manager, Reggie Lamson.

Questions on the project can be directed to Mr. Lamson or Water Superintendent,

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