College Dorm Set Up 101: There Will Just Never Be Enough Outlets


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) — Your oldest child is off to college. You’ve read the list of recommended purchases provided by the school. You’ve downloaded more lists online. You even took more lists from the four different stores where you shopped with your original lists, just to make sure your sweet firstborn doesn’t go without.

Here’s something that the lists won’t tell you: First, your baby won’t use HALF the items on the list (Mini-sewing kit? Iron? Please!). Second, no matter now many extension cords you bring, you’ll need more. Between TV’s, hairdryers, curling irons, floor lamps, desk lamps, decorative lights, laptop chargers, phone chargers, mini-fridges, fans, microwaves and coffee makers….there just aren’t enough spots to plug things in.

Review Loft recently received something called the “LampChamp” that is soon going to be a new dorm room staple. LampChamp turns any lamp into a USB Charging Station. Once less outlet needed! You could have one on your desk lamp and one on your floor lamp. No more excuses from the kid when they cry, “dead phone” and ignore your six consecutive phone calls.

It’s ridiculously easy to use. Simply replace your lamp bulb with the LampChamp, insert the bulb back into the LampChamp, plug your USB cord in and your ready to go! There’s a little switch on the device that will now be used to turn the light on but in either position your phone will still charge.

This comes to us from the innovative people at Olens Technology who also have some other neat things available on their website. You can purchase the LampChamp there at or on The cost is $19.99 for one but knowing how much they know you’ll love the product they sell two for $29.99. We’re sold.

Now if they could just invent something to make the kids remember to call home.

ReviewLoft accepted one complimentary LampChamp. We loved it so we wrote this review. No other goods or services were received.

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