Inland Empire Taxpayers Association Endorses Apple Valley Measure V and Opposes Measure W



By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– The Inland Empire Taxpayers Association (IETA), the local watchdog group monitoring government to protect the taxpayers, announced its strong support for citizen-qualified Apple Valley Measure V and opposition to Measure W, which was placed on the ballot by politicians specifically to undermine Measure V.

“Measure V protects taxpayers and holds government accountable for wasteful spending, IETA Founder Chris Mann said. “Taxpayer advocates across the state, including the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, support giving people the right to vote on debt.  Measure V guarantees that people will have the right to vote on debt prior to the Town of Apple Valley obligating taxpayers to repay debt of $200 million or more.”

Measure V was carefully crafted, requiring voter approval in cases where government wants to borrow $10 million or more that would be repaid by revenue bonds.  Revenue bonds are not used for schools, parks, roads or other projects.  Revenue bonds are repaid through a new government fee on a revenue generating enterprise, like sewer service, electrical or water service. To repay revenue bond debt, citizens would pay a new fee added to their monthly bill, most likely for 30 years. The Town of Apple Valley’s Blue Ribbon Water Committee studied the issue for years and determined that taxpayers should be prepared to have to repay more than $200 million in debt.

“The same day Measure V qualified for the ballot, politicians voted to put a competing measure on the ballot, Measure W, to deceive voters,” Mann continued. “Measure W takes away the people’s right to vote, through a massive loophole that allows government to take on hundreds of millions in debt without voter approval.  Measure W is a blank check that gives politicians the power to incur hundreds of millions of dollars in debt that would have to be repaid by current and future generations, and it even contains a provision that requires automatic fee increases to protect Wall Street bondholders.”

“Voting is the foundation of our Country.  Nothing is more American than our democratic process.  The Inland Empire Taxpayers Association has closely studied Measure V, and urges you to Vote Yes on V to hold government accountable by making it ask for your permission before borrowing money that will be repaid by your children and grandchildren,” Mann concluded.

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