Victorville Opens News Water Conservation Demonstration Garden New Garden Features Water-wise Landscaping


By Staff Reports

(Victorville)– On Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016, the City of Victorville officially opened its new Center Street Park Water Conservation Demonstration Garden.  After a brief dedication ceremony, Mayor Gloria Garcia cut the ribbon to officially open the new water conservation demonstration garden for the public.

The Water Conservation Demonstration Garden is located at Center Street Park, at the corner of Hesperia Road and Verde Street in Victorville.  More than 13,000 square feet of turf was removed to make way for the garden as part of the Large Scale Turf Removal Program offered by the Mojave Water Agency.  The City of Victorville applied to the Large Turf Removal Program from the Mojave Water Agency for a total of 286,000 square feet of turf to be removed from various parks and medians, throughout the City.

It is estimated that by removing the 13,000 square feet of turf grass at Center Street Park, the City will save approximately 975,000 gallons of water per year.

The Center Street Park Water Conservation Demonstration Garden is intended to provide residents with examples of beautiful and water-wise desert adaptive plants, mulches, ground covers, hardscape options, and borders.  This garden will allow City of Victorville Water Conservation Division staff to hold workshops at the location and provide residents with water wise landscaping ideas.

The Garden includes nine separate, aesthetically pleasing themed areas.  The goal was to provide a garden that is beautiful, functional, water-wise, and inspiring.  “We wanted to show that water-wise gardens can be green and beautiful and are not just rocks and cactus,” stated Dana Armstrong, Environmental Programs Manager, for the City of Victorville.

Plants for the new garden were chosen based upon color, cold hardiness, water use, soil conditions, and availability.  The garden areas provide a visual assortment of textures, color, height and form.

  • Garden Areas A, A2 and A3 feature sages, ornamental grasses, and ground covers
  • Garden Area B is home to a Palo Verde tree, succulents and CA native plants
  • Garden Area C is a raised bed, featuring perennial flowers
  • Garden Area D is home to Blue Rug creeping juniper slope and large perennials
  • Garden Area E is made up of Plants for Privacy hedge
  • Garden Area F provides examples of three different grades of artificial turf
  • Garden Area G is made up of shrubs and perennial ground covers

Throughout the garden, there are examples of mulches, including wood chips, shredded bark, decomposed granite, compost and/or recycled rubber chips.  A variety of hardscape materials are shown, including stamped concrete, interlocking pavers, flagstone and crushed granite.  Finally, the garden also includes a number of different types of borders available to frame the beds and paths as well as artificial turf grass.

The design features of the garden include: tree seating, and benches throughout the garden, a bike rack, and a main kiosk at the north entrance exhibiting an illustrative map presenting the garden.  The garden includes QR codes on pedestals in each of the nine garden sections, allowing residents to scan a barcode for detailed information linked the Victorville Water Conservation Division website.

The Water Conservation Garden was created through a collaborative effort involving the Community Services Department Parks Coordinator, Ed Sohm, and Conservation Supervisor, Donna McCormick.  Additional advice on the design was provided by Kathy Cochran, Conservation Specialist and Cindy Poore, Recycling Assistant, along with the help of Tony Bevilacqua, GIS Analyst for the Engineering and Public Works Divisions.

Center Street Park is one of 19 parks located throughout the City of Victorville. It was built in 1956 and is located at the corner of Center and Verde Streets, across the street from the Victorville Activities Center.  Park visitors can enjoy two lighted ball fields, an outdoor basketball court, a sand volleyball court, open grass areas, a covered picnic area, picnic tables with barbecues, play equipment, restrooms, and now a water conservation demonstration garden.

For more information:  Contact the City of Victorville Water Conservation Division at 866-955-4426.

For more information about the Water Conservation Demonstration Garden or water conservation programs, residents should call the City of Victorville Water Conservation Division at 866-955-4426.

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