5 Ways to Impress at Job Interviews


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) – Hiring the wrong people can be extremely expensive. According to job-search website Monster, it can cost businesses one-fifth of an employee’s salary to replace them. As a result, companies are spending even more time vetting recruits to make sure they have the right skills, values and personalities, Monster reports. Going into a job interview today means being forearmed with strategies for success. Here are five items to keep in mind:

  • Get ready for a close-up. Hiring managers may ask for a pre-screening interview over Skype, Google Hangout or other video chat service, notes personal development website Life Reimagined, so it is important to be comfortable with video chat.
  • Offer fresh solutions to the company’s challenges. Digital transformation is occurring rapidly at a majority of organizations, says Harvard Business Review. Ask how the employer is handling this transformation and offer fresh, strategic suggestions for how it might meet them.
  • Dress to match the company’s culture. In today’s casual business environment, a suit and tie can make you look overdressed, suggests Life Reimagined. For the interview, dress one level up from how employees dress: if company style is jeans and t-shirts, wear dress slacks and a dress shirt/blouse.
  • Bring lots of questions. A job applicant’s end-of-interview questions should be designed to highlight their qualifications, demonstrate their confidence and show that they understand the employer’s challenges, Monster says—for example, asking what is the most important task to be accomplished in the first 60 days.
  • Emphasize your expertise to justify your salary needs. Try to avoid disclosing current salary during job interviews, Life Reimagined reports. If pressed, provide a desired salary range and mention other points of value regarding the job other than salary, such as the new things it allows employees to learn.

“The more preparation a job applicant has before an interview starts, the better their chances are of getting a callback,” says Michele Mavi, director of internal recruiting and content development at Atrium Staffing. “This includes being prepared to utilize a webcam and video platform to record your answers to a list of questions supplied by the employer. Also, researching the industry ahead of time enables the candidate to build rapport with the interviewer—in doing so, it shows that the applicant really understands the business and its challenges.”

Atrium is a New York City-based talent solutions firm, focused on providing contingent workforce management services for mid-size and Fortune 500 companies in nearly every industry. Atrium’s expertise includes regional Temporary and Direct Hire Staffing, national Employer of Record Payrolling, national Independent Contractor Engagement and specialty Intern Recruiting Services. The company has extensive experience matching the right candidates for a range of positions within a variety of industries.

“A little sensitivity to what interviewers are looking for can go a long way toward making a great impression when it counts,” Mavi adds.

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