Digital Signage: Technology to Bank On


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) – Waiting in line for a bank teller is one of the most aggravating routines of modern life. Once the patron reaches the teller, a pleasant interaction can help curb the boredom they felt in line, but many banking customers still leave branches feeling worse for wear.

Digital signage displays in banks can help modify this experience and turn customer expectations on their ear. With digital displays prominently visible through the branch and line area, customers have something to capture their attention: dynamic and engaging content that can inform them about financial services they may not have known about. In contrast to static signs, digital signage can incorporate lengthier text, colorful animations and video demonstrations to pique customer interest and more fully explain how the services could benefit someone in their situation.

“Aside from service offerings, banks can use digital signage to engage with customers on a personal level,” says Chris Stabile, Vice President of Business Development at Digital Social Retail, a New York-based proximity marketing firm. “Community updates such as local events, weather and news can all help customers identify the bank branch and its workers as part of the local family.”

Interspersing these types of information along with product offerings can keep the customer actively paying attention to both branded and non-branded messages. Best of all, this content can be standardized across branch locations with one simple action thanks to the powerful capabilities and simple interfaces of digital signage platforms.

Digital Social Retail offers a unified platform that allows bank operators—as well as operators of any businesses utilizing digital signage in their marketing strategy—to easily manage content with customized messaging. These messages can be based on bank branch location, specific financial services options and much more.

The Social Retail® digital convergence platform works seamlessly with digital signage displayed on Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSP) screens. The Social Retail® interface is drag-and-drop intuitive, combining playlist creation and content scheduling customized to each digital sign, such that anyone with the necessary technology in place could be up and running in a matter of minutes.

“It should come as no surprise that digital signs are gaining a rapid foothold among banking companies,” adds Stabile. “Thanks to their deployment, bank customers will always be impressed by their bank’s cutting-edge sensibilities and fresh content.”

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