Eat More Raw Foods: Here’s Why!


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) For most of human evolution our diet has consisted of raw foods.  Before our ancestors mastered fire, plant and animal based food choices were almost always eaten in their raw state.  Although a totally raw food diet is not practical or recommended, being sure to include plenty of tasty raw foods in your diet adds many health benefits.

Many vitamins and minerals are destroyed by heat.  More so, heat can derange proteins and fats, making them toxic in some cases, while unheated proteins and fats are absorbed readily by our bodies and put to good use. These points alone provide some of the best reasons to include an adequate supply of raw foods in your diet.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are plentiful. They are suitable to all diets, making them the obvious choices to start.  Variety in color is a good guideline.  Think about a ”rainbow” when making your purchases in the produce department and when preparing salads.  Several pieces of fruit and a large vegetable salad should always be included in your daily food selections.

Raw nuts and seeds are another choice everyone can take advantage of.  They too are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

Sushi is another option for those who enjoy it.  If you can’t get past the thought of eating raw fish, ceviche made with fresh lemon or lime juice is a wonderful option, particularly when served with a dose of fresh chopped onions, cilantro, red pepper, jalapeno pepper, tomato and cucumber.

Many people enjoy raw organic eggs particularly when they are included in smoothies or fresh made eggnog.

Quality meats and fish can be enjoyed as tartare or carpaccio.

“Eating a wide variety of unprocessed foods is a key to achieving optimal health and body composition. Raw foods are about unprocessed as you can get. Start by including your favorite fruits and vegetables everyday and always look for different choices. Try to be more adventurous in your choices and have fun,” says Tom Griesel, co-author of TurboCharged: Accelerate Your Fat Burning Metabolism, Get Lean Fast and Leave Diet and Exercise Rules in the Dust.

Tom Griesel adds, “Variety is the spice of life and including more raw plant and animal based foods in your diet will expand your culinary horizons as well as improving your health.”

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