Adelanto Mayor Released from Hospital



By Staff Reports

(Adelanto)—“After a 10-day stay at St. Joseph Health, St. Mary hospital, Adelanto Mayor Rich Kerr was released to go home effective January 22,” said Michael Stevens, Adelanto Spokesman. “Although he’s been released from the hospital, he faces several weeks to recover from the injuries he suffered,” added Stevens. Kerr suffered a broken collarbone, several cracked ribs and a partial collapsed lung due to his taking a fall on a motorcycle in the desert at Adelanto’s Grand Prix race. “He was not riding as part of the race,” emphasized Stevens.

Still suffering residual pain and on medication, Mayor Kerr indicated that he was “glad to be able to return home to family and home cooked meals.” Doctors indicate that Kerr’s prognosis for recovery from his injuries is favorable. “I’ll likely have to have my collarbone re-set at some point in the future but for now I fully expect to resume my duties as Mayor and I hope to attend Wednesday’s Council meeting, added Kerr.

When asked what was the most difficult part of his 10-day stay he responded “not being home with my beautiful wife and kids and grandkids.” Kerr’s wife Mistey said: “It’s been very trying, very challenging not having him around, and I thank everyone for all their prayers and good wishes for Rich.”

Good wishes for the Mayor’s recovery can be sent to his email address at:

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  1. Melvia Sheppard
    January 26, 2017 at 2:28 pm

    Get well soon ! Lots of people depend on you in office.

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