Gargle Away That Irritated Throat and Clogged Sinuses


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) – Winters can be tough on the ReviewLoft staff. On a recent day, at least half the folks in the office were coughing, sneezing or blowing noses. How lucky everyone was, then, when Gargle Away® Advanced Throat Care by Nature’s Jeannie showed up at the door! A “gargle party” was hastily organized in the office kitchen—and everyone came away very impressed at how much better their throats and sinuses felt over the next few hours.

For generations, warm salt water gargles have been used to relieve sore and irritated throats. Gargle Away improves on this tradition by adding highly soothing ingredients that have been used by ancient healers—and parents of under-the-weather kids—for thousands of years, offering advanced, comprehensive throat care.

No less than seven all-natural healing ingredients give Gargle Away its power: Himalayan salt, used for centuries by healers from India; apple cider vinegar, used traditionally as a germ fighter; Mediterranean oregano, prized in Europe as a cold remedy; licorice root, used for ages to reduce swelling and irritation; cayenne pepper, used by the Mayans and Aztecs to clear mucus congestion; organic honey, for its soothing and coating properties; and lemon, a favorite of sore throat sufferers worldwide. As a group, they have gained a reputation for addressing on-the-job—or off-the-job—sore or irritated throat, laryngitis or clogged sinuses.

No office or home should be without a sore throat remedy. Many employees—including those at ReviewLoft—tend to stay in the office when sick, suffering through the day by popping lozenges that probably don’t do much. In contrast, Gargle Away offers a quick-acting alternative that can come in handy just before that big presentation or important meeting starts.

Gargle Away is available in packets and in K-cup format. The K-cups can either be brewed in a single-serve brewing machine or mixed with a half-cup of hot water. With head tilted back, gargle at least 25 seconds, spit out and repeat until all the liquid is used. Remember to avoid swallowing the mixture. Gargle Away can be used throughout the day as necessary but is best after meals and before sleep.

What does it taste like? One ReviewLoft staff member found its peppery, spicy flavor lingering in the throat as actually energizing—and working well to get a stuffy nose easily cleared. Other users had their own words to describe the experience—but all came away impressed.

Now if only we at ReviewLoft could perfect our gargling skills, we’d be in great shape!

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ReviewLoft accepted a complimentary sample of Gargle Away. We all agreed it was ReviewLoft worthy. No other compensation was received.

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