Massage That Tension Away…With a High-Tech Twist


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) – Ever had one of those days at work? The urgent projects are piling up, the phone won’t stop ringing…and worst of all, a nagging backache is making things even more hellish. We at ReviewLoft had just such a day last week. Then the IS-3000-PRO InstaShiatsu+ Total Body Massager With Heat by truMedic landed on our desk. It didn’t make the projects or phone calls go away—but after a few minutes, our backs never felt better. There’s nothing like getting a deep-kneading shiatsu massage during office hours!

Right out of the box, the Total Body Massager looks a bit sci-fi—a streamlined, leathery, flexible device in black-and-gray. At its center, encased in mesh, are dual massage units, each with three rounded contact points. Users can charge up the Massager’s Lithium-Ion battery—which allows for hours of cordless operation on a single charge—or use it immediately with the accompanying wall adapter.

Once the Massager has been swung onto that aching back—and hands slipped through the wrist supports—there are straps to adjust for arm comfort and massage intensity. Now press the On/Off button…and the fun begins! Immediately, the dual massagers begin rotating. One control lets users switch from clockwise to counterclockwise rotation. Another lets the user toggle between three different speeds, depending on what feels the most relaxing. Better still, another button turns on the heat—literally—giving a warm experience that generates that extra “ahh!” effect. We used the Massager for an aching back but it also works great on the neck, shoulders, thighs, feet and more.

Now for the $64,000 question: How does it feel? Answer: Incredible. We’ve had traditional massages before but this one was a whole new kind of experience. The contact points on the massage units follow the contours of the body, offering a delicious feeling of tension relief. It’s great being able to adjust the intensity, speed and location of the massage oneself. And there’s no need to be flat on one’s back to get the benefits.

In fact, there is just one downside to using this Massager at work, at home or wherever: With eyes closed, it’s extremely easy to lose track of time. (Don’t ask us how we found this out—just trust us on this one.) Then those projects and phone calls will really start to be a problem, aching body or not.

The truMedic IS-3000-PRO InstaShiatsu+ Total Body Massager With Heat comes with a six-month warranty—one year if registered—and retails for $169.95. Visit for ordering and more information. And get ready to relax as never before! received one IS-3000-PRO InstaShiatsu+ Total Body Massager With Heat. We passed it around our office and decided it was ReviewLoft worthy. No other compensation was received. 

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