Comic Book Review: Curse Words #2


By Nolan P. Smith

Staff Reporer

(Victorville)– In the debut issue of Curse Words, we met a powerful man of magic known as a Wizord, his trusty companion Margaret the Koala Bear (#teammargaret), and how exactly they came to be in the “real” world. With the second issue, we get more glimpses into Wizord’s home, what motivates him, and what is next to try and destroy the world.

From writer Charles Soule (27, Daredevil), artist Ryan Browne (God Hates Astronauts) with colors by Michael Garland, Ryan Browne, Michael Parkinson and letters by Chris Crank, we get another superb issue. We get to see Wizord’s reaction to his seemingly rash response at the end of the last issue, what his boss and former friends are planning back in the Hole World for our favorite bearded wizard right now, and how making a wish is always harder than it seems. Seeing Wizord grant a wish to a bloodthirsty dictator shows that wordplay plays a huge part in the way Wizord operates, which leads to a funny and ironic result.

This issue adds more depth to the lead character, as well as builds up the severity of the antagonists waiting in the wings. Not a whole lot of action is seen here, but when we get to become invested this much more in the story, that is easily forgettable. Soule crafts another superb script, making the readers root for Wizord even more, especially after the hair-raising cliffhanger at the end of the issue. Browne’s artwork is the perfect fit for this imaginative and bizarre world, and teamed with the vibrant coloring and spot on letter craft, Curse Words continues to be one of Image Comics most solid new releases.

Magic is everywhere these days: from boy wizards to Sorcerer Supremes to that card game that has hooked people for decades now. With Curse Words, we continue to get a hip new, edgy look at the world of magic, add in a perfect portion of talking koala bears, and you have yourself a hit series so far.

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