Taylion High Desert Academy Enrolling for the Second Semester, Offers More Resources for Students

2017-02-02 11.14.00

By Staff Reports

(Victorville)— With the second semester now upon students across the High Desert, Taylion Academy is pleased to announce they are currently enrolling for the new semester, and have more resources to help students on their educational journey.

Realizing that in order for students to succeed, focus must be placed on all aspects of their lives, Taylion has implemented resources to not only assist students in attending their scheduled appointments, but ensuring that they have a hot meal to eat as well. Students are able to request a bus pass to get to and from Taylion, which is dependent on their academic standing per their teacher’s discretion.

Taylion is also proud to offer lunch and snacks to students at no cost. Food is served during lunch hours, and snacks are available upon request. Students should contact a staff member at their respective site for more information.

“We want every student to succeed, but it’s hard when a student can’t physically make it to school or can’t concentrate because they are hungry,” said Evelyn Sandoval, Principal at Taylion High Desert Academy. “With offering bus passes and food for our students on campus, we are hoping to help make their time at Taylion not only more enjoyable, but more conducive for learning.”

Taylion High Desert Academy is a free public charter school, serving grades K-12 with programs in Home School and Independent Study. With locations in Adelanto and Victorville, Taylion provides a beacon of quality education for K-12 students in need.

To learn more about the enrollment process, call (760) 843-6622. For more information on Taylion Academy, visit the charter school online at www.taylion.com.

About Taylion Academy

Taylion Academy is a free public charter school serving grades K-12. With programs in Independent Study, Home School and Virtual School, Taylion has a program to meet every student’s needs. Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), Taylion has locations in Victorville, Adelanto, and San Bernardino. For more information on Taylion, visit www.taylion.com.

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