VVWRA’s Endeavor for More Energy Savings


VVWRA endeavor

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– VVWRA embarked on a new Endeavor in 2016 by joining ISO 50001, a nationally recognized Energy Management System certification program.

The effort is continuing in 2017. Recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy, the program is designed to identify areas at the VVWRA plant that are considered significant energy users and than put in place a strategy to become more energy efficient over a period of time. VVWRA staff is calling their effort Endeavor. The word “endeavor” is defined as a “conscientious or concerted effort toward a goal.”

With that in mind, our staff created an acronym for the Endeavor campaign: Efficiently carry out operations, Never turn down an opportunity to request additional resources, Do not submit to failure, Ensure regulatory compliance and legal obligations, Always be transparent, Verify new projects and equipment will improve energy efficiency prior to purchasing, Our commitment to improve energy performance is strengthened with increased communication, Reduce carbon footprint. As part of the strategy, VVWRA staff has been looking at all operations around the plant and exploring options for reducing power usage.

While VVWRA has had significant success in recent years in reducing power consumption, this program is designed to build on those past accomplishments.

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