WonderCon 2017: Anaheim’s Premiere Comic Con Astounds

Photo by Nolan P. Smith

Photo by Nolan P. Smith

By Nolan P. Smith

Photos by Jason T. Smith and Nolan P. Smith

Staff Reporters

(Victor Valley)– This past Friday through Sunday, the Anaheim Convention Center became the hub for all things pop culture as the amazing WonderCon convention returned for an event filled with superheroes, celebrities and amazing Southern California weather.

Organized by Comic Con International, the same organization that runs the grand daddy of all comic conventions, the San Diego Comic Con, WonderCon came back to Orange County in strong numbers, as fans flocked to the conventions for a variety of reasons. For some, it was for the variety of comic book publishers: from major publishers like DC Comics, Boom! Studios and Valiant Entertainment, to independent publishers like the amazing Black Mask Studios, there were plenty of comics to go around. Not to mention the hosts of creators in Artists Alley and the Small Press section. For some, it was actors, actresses and directors, and they weren’t disappointed. With actors from CW’s Riverdale, the director of the soon to be released Wonder Woman film, the cast from ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and more, there were plenty of celebrities to meet and greet.

Photo by Nolan P. Smith

Photo by Nolan P. Smith

One of the books that made a huge splash at the convention is the newly launched X-O Manowar, from Valiant Entertainment. “It’s one of my favorite books that I have had the opportunity to work on, and I have been in the industry a long time,” said Warren Simons, Editor and Chief of Valiant Entertainment. X-O Manowar follows the story of Aric of Dacia, a Visigoth warrior plucked from his home and bolted off to space where he becomes bonded to an alien weapon known as X-O Manowar. The book is the flagship title for Valiant, and now with a brand new jumping on point, new readers can enjoy the sci-fi, adventurous world Valiant has created.

For many, it was the cosplay: whether you are one of the dedicated, creative individuals that spends countless hours creating amazing cosplay, or simply fans of their amazing work, cosplay took over the convention, literally. From gender swapped versions of Austin Powers and Dr. Evil to larger than life renditions of Voltron and the Transformer Wheeljack: the two massive robots were led by the always entertaining Hip Hop Trooper. Local cosplay wardrobe supplier The Brass Wardrobe was on hand once again as well, with wares to make any costume stand out that much more.

The next convention Comic Con International is promoting is none other than the San Diego Comic Con. For ticket information and registration, visit www.comic-con.org.

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